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Kalleske Plain Mettwurst 500g


Kalleske Plain Mettwurst 500g

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Traditional mettwurst, classic buttery mouth feel, fairly mild flavour completely without garlic. Favoured by people who like fermented meats, but do not like garlic.

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Kalleske Plain Mettwurst 500g


Beef(50%),Pork(45%),Salt,Sugar,Spices,Stabilisers(451),Sodium Nitrate(250),Antioxidant(316),Starter culture.

Fermented Manufactured Meat
Traditionally Smoked
Heat Treated

Weight not less than 500g


                                 NUTRITION INFORMATION

                                AVERAGE                 AVERAGE
                           Qty. Per serving           Qty. Per 100g

ENERGY                      665,5kj                    1331kj
PROTEIN                       9.5g                        19g
FAT(Total)                      15g                        30g
SATURATED                     3g                         11g
CARBOHYDRATE            2.45g                      4.9g
SODIUM                       660mg                   1320mg

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