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Venison Hot & Spicy Mettwurst


Venison Hot & Spicy Mettwurst

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This mettwurst is rich, with a little gamey flavour imparted by the premium meat from fallow deer-so rich, in fact, that some people compare it with pate. A very smooth texture, with reasonably high moisture content (which of course will start to change immediately the product is removed from the cryovac packaging). Good balance of woodsmoke, with a very subtle heat from a milder chilli, enhanced by some complimentary spices. The mildest heat of all the hot salamis and mettwurst offered. Goes well with full bodied but soft red wines, as well as beers, well matched to a range of cheeses, from soft fetta style through to vintage cheeses.

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Venison Hot &Spicy Mettwurst


PrimeVenison,Pork,Sugar,Salt,Chilli,Cayenne Pepper,Garlic,Stabiliser(450),Antioxidants(300,318),Sodium Nitrate(250),Starter Culture.  

Weight not less than 350g                         


                                  NUTRITION INFORMATION

                                AVERAGE                 AVERAGE
                           Qty. Per serving           Qty. Per 100g

ENERGY                         450kj                    980kj
PROTEIN                         9.8g                     19.6g
FAT(Total)                       5.2g                     10.4g
SATURATED                    2.4g                      4.8g
CARBOHYDRATE              2.4g                     4.8g
SODIUM                         610mg               1220mg


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