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Chilli Woodsmoked Garlic Mettwurst


Chilli Woodsmoked Garlic Mettwurst

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A medal winning mettwurst from a boutique smallgoods maker in the Barossa region. Classic smooth mettwurst first "mouth feel", with a surprisingly low fat content. A reasonably pronounced woodsmoke flavour develops before a lingering chilli heat starts on the middle tongue, and then fills the mouth with warmth. A subtle garlic flavour comes last, and the chilli lingers on after you have finished eating the mettwurst. Goes well with beer and cider, and surprisingly well with robust dry white wine. Well suited to cheese platters with matured and vintage cheeses. Because of the low fat content, this mettwurst is great on pizzas to create great flavour without the oiliness that comes from higher fat salamis. Add to your favorite minestrone soup recipe to develop a whole new level of flavour.

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Chilli Woodsmoked Garlic Mettwurst

Beef, Pork, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Stabiliser(450), Antioxidants(300,318), Sodium Nitrate(250), Starter Culture, Garlic.

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                                NUTRITION INFORMATION

                                AVERAGE                 AVERAGE
                           Qty. Per serving           Qty. Per 100g

ENERGY                       450kj                      980kj
PROTEIN                       9.8g                       19.6g
FAT(Total)                     5.2g                       10.4g
SATURATED                   2.4g                       4.8g
CARBOHYDRATE            2.4g                       4.8g
SODIUM                      610mg                   1220mg

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